Simplifying sustainability reporting & more

Why systematic sustainability disclosure is important for business

Enhancing risk management – readiness to mitigate sustainability risks

Promoting innovation and attracting new customers

Maintaining a license to operate – social license to operate

Securing capital

Improving productivity and cost optimisation

Source: Bursa Malaysia

Implementation deadlines

by BURSA Malaysia


Implementation Date: SR2023 (FY31Dec2023)

  • Full disclosure of the first 9 common sustainability matters (anti-corruption, community, diversity, energy, OSH, labour practices, supply chain management, data privacy, water)
  • All disclosure to incorporate 3 years’ data
  • Disclosure of “Statement of Assurance” either by internal auditor or independent assurance by external party

Implementation Date: SR2024 (FY31Dec2024)

  • Full disclosure for the subsequent 2 more common sustainability matters (waste and emissions)

Implementation Date: SR2025 (FY31Dec2025)

  • Disclosure of the TCFD – aligned disclosure

Supporting your ESG life cycle

ESG Foundation

  • Sustainable Financial Reporting
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • ESG Emissions Solution Package

Compliance Reporting

  • Planning and
  • Asset management
  • ESG Compliance Reporting with Dashboard

Green Financing

  • Advanced reporting
  • Requisitions and procurement
  • Financial Institutions – Bank and Project Financing
  • Government ESG Grant Financing

Carbon Neutrality Cert

  • International Certification
  • ISO & BSI
  • Carbon Credit Valuation
  • CC Asset Management
  • Reconcile Green Energy / Renewables & Offsets

Carbon Credits Exchange

  • Buy/Sell Carbon
  • Offsets price discovery
  • Carbon Credits and Financial Reconciliation 

Why Oracle NetSuite with Qubix ESG reporting solution

Automate the collection of data from systems and people across disparate locations

Organize, manage and integrate multiple frameworks in one centralized repository. Easily report and update on the same data across multiple frameworks

Publish your ESG data accurately and consistently. You will be audit- ready with complete traceability, data lineage, and transparency throughout the entire ESG process to attain the Statement of Assurance

Create and publish fantastic - looking reports securely and collaboratively


Value proposition


ESG Foundation

Achieving sustainability financial reporting with NSERP–current status assessment

Keeping existing ERP decoupled from sustainability reporting

Having the right ESGAAA Platform: single source of sustainability emissions data for Stage 2-5



Compliance reporting

Gateway to participate into Green Global Supply ChainCompliance to local stock exchanges

Scope 1: Direct fuel combustion (Yes) e.g. taxi, purchase fuel for car, running a factory

Scope 2: Indirect emission (Yes) e.g.electricity

Scope 3: From supply chain ecosystem



Green financing

Gateway to financial institutions for green financing – due diligence (no green washing



Carbon neutrality certification

Savings on carbon tax (visible and actionable)

Accreditation by ESG authorities (BSI, ISO)



Carbon credit exchanges

Access to exchange to trade carbon credits

Buy/Sell excess credits


Supports globally accepted

sustainability reporting frameworks

NetSuite – Qubix

application architecture

Qubix ESG

solution overview

What if we already have an ERP system?

Stage 1: ESG AAA Foundation (Internal)

Pre-Requisites / Commentary

Current ERP + NS ERP + Emissions Solution Package (Base 1)

Current ERP + NS ERP + Emissions Solution Package (Base 1)

Stage 2: Compliance Reporting (External Facing)

Option 1: Current ERP + Base 1 + ESG

compliance reporting

Option 2: Current ERP + Base 1 + NSPB + Qubix

Compliance reporting in NS ERP

Qubix – Integration to be discussed oppty by oppty

Stage 3: Green Financing

Current ERP + Base 1

Final solution depends on Metaverse Green Exchange (MVGX), Green PE/VC, banks requirements: e.g. SG Green Fund

Stage 4: Carbon Neutrality Certification

Current ERP + Base 1 + Integration to Metaverse Green Exchange (MVGX)

Final solution depends on Metaverse Green Exchange (MVGX) data for Certification (BSI, ISO)

Stage 5: Carbon Credits Exchange

Current ERP + Base 1 + Integration to Metaverse Green Exchange (MVGX)

Final solution depends on Metaverse Green Exchange (MVGX) data for exchange