Native SuiteApp for F&B sector FernSpeed unveils recipe of business success

You are not alone. From food manufacturers, F&B caterers, restaurateurs, ready-food suppliers, kitchen staff to any other practitioners, they have been facing more or less the same challenges:

Recipe NOT in line with production

Actual usage of each ingredient is NOT measured during the production, no comparison can be made with the amount indicated in the recipes, ingredients CANNOT be fully utilised for cost minimisation.

Production cost out of control

Costing is far from accurate, as there are NO recorded data on ingredient amounts, the use of food prep machines, overheads and labour inputs. Higher labour cost is involved when manual operations and inventory updates are required for each ingredient transfer.

High stockout risk

Inventory levels do not align with production plans, stockout can hurt business.



Hindrance to overall business growth

Without data-tracking throughout the entire production, the cost-and-output relationship as well as cost-benefit analysis cannot be worked out.

FernSpeed changes the rules of the game in recipe management and production management

Integration of recipe management and production planning
FernSpeed can compute the amount of each ingredient required for a range of production outputs, Each sales order can auto-generate production orders as well as purchase orders of ingredients based on inventory availability.

Cost control automation
The Backflush feature enables auto-cost deduction and calculation.

FernSpeed differs from the general manufacturing systems in several aspects


Other Manufacturing System


Each recipe can contain 1 or more ingredient(s) to produce more than one primary dish/beverage, along with other co-product(s) & waste product(s). All outputs enhance value to the business.

General manufacturing systems primarily manage multiple materials (ingredients) for one single product (dish or drink) only.


“Yield Management” & “Waste Management” features are added for better cost control and higher production efficiency.

Not every manufacturing system has the “Yield Management” & “Waste Management” features.


Each finished product can generate one master recipe with several versions based on costing, order requirements or any variation of seasonal ingredients.

Each end-product comes with a single version of Bill-of-Material (BOM) recipe only.

FernSpeed redefines the Production Management concept with automation capabilities

Auto-creation of production jobs

FernSpeed can break down each production order into a sequence of production jobs with details provided, allowing users to follow all steps simply with reference to details

Workflow automation

Production requests can be auto-generated by any Purchase Orders from retailers, restaurants or sales counters



Auto-calculation by ABC method

Computation of job cost and cost of finished goods are enabled. The following data are recorded by Activity-Based Costing (ABC) for better production cost control:

  • Work-in-process (WIP) costs, from actual ingredient usage, labor inputs to overheads
  • Use of food prep machines and their duration of use

Auto-tracking of inventory level

Inventory levels are in line with production inputs to ensure ingredients are in stock at an optimal level. Ingredient availability checking before production is enabled

Label generation

Customized “nutrition labels” for end-user reference, as well as “barcode labels” including such information as expiry date, quantity/weight, bin number can be generated according to the collected data

Coming with additional exciting features, FernSpeed takes all the boxes

Advanced production planning

Production orders with priority settings can be generated in advance systematically.

Intuitive mobile interface

Production or kitchen staff can tap to input data with their handset or tablet.

Dual unit
inventory management

Capable of recording and calculating the item quantity and inventory value by two units of measure

Accurate inventory level, and value (normally, it will be computed on the weight-basis for different items), can be viewed anytime

The operational side is allowed to handle logistic movement based on the inventory unit rather than item quantity

Accurate pricing is achieved when weight is the determining factor in sales and purchase prices

As a Built-for-NetSuite (BFN) certified SuiteApp, FernSpeed is a professional and reliable solution that delivers industry-specific functionality and extensibility for all types of F&B businesses, such as:

  • F&B manufacturing
  • Retail and Wholesale distribution
  • Central kitchen business model
  • Food processing
  • Restaurant chain management
  • Catering

Taking the ease-of-use to the next level, FernSpeed is always your first choice when it comes to Recipe Management and Production Management. You can leverage the following edges:

  • Paperless record system for data tracking
  • User-friendly interface to eliminate much manual data entry
  • Standardized and streamlined work processes for more consistent outputs and higher efficiency
  • Higher accuracy of production costing for better cost and food waste management and
  • Collection of sufficient data for production planning