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Human Capital Management

Hypernix brings you Worksy, a complete and comprehensive HRMS that is seamlessly integrated with your business applications.

Managing daily HR processes has never been easier with Worksy. 

Worksy frees you from performing tedious and monotonous HR related tasks such as claims processing and over-time calculations. Worksy also enables you to attain complete operational control and visibility of your human resources from leave management to performance management.

Worksy is also easily integrated with your ERP or accounting system for an end-to-end automated payroll accounting function.

Operational Core Modules

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Worksy HCM is an intuitive application for all your HR management needs. It is easy to set-up, hence quick off-take and user-acceptance is achievable. With attractive user-interface, it provides clear navigation and employees spend less time on claims or leave application.

It is also mobile responsive, which means you are constantly in-touch with your employees wherever they are. 

Payroll management

Leave management

Claims management

Time & attendance management


Why Employees Prefer Worksy

Easily access personal record, from any device.
Submit claims electronically, simple, fast, and no paperwork.
User-friendly user interface

Why Employers Prefer Worksy

Reduces miscalculations of leave, over-time pay, and bonuses.

Generate accurate budget forecasts.

Generate customized reports easily and timely

View staff role, reporting line, and performance.

Reduce paper usage - paperless function.

No more month-end crunch times for accounts closing.

Malaysian HR regulations ready.
Worksy strategic modules help organizations drive human capital management to a higher level through performance and learning management functionalities. With analytics and data visualization, employee progression can easily be monitored, from a bird's eye view to individual level. 

Strategic Modules

Manage appraisals and employee feedback easily

Set learning and training plans and track progress

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Recruit and on-board new staff more effectively

Employee development and sucession planning in one platform.

Superior UI & UX

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Mobile responsive

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Clear reporting chart

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Performance reports

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Intelligence reports

Digitize your HR processes and get up-to-date reports with a few simple clicks today.