Human Resources Management System

Human Resource Management System

Automate your daily HR tasks.

As the world progresses towards a more digitalised era, businesses are actively creating a work from home environment for their employees, whilst ensuring that their output and productivity is optimised. Hypernix provides a comprehensive HR management solution that helps enterprises to automate the daily HR processes to minimize human error and simultaneously save them cost, resources, and time.

Employers are graced with the convenience of preventing miscalculations such as overtime pay which are normally done manually. Meanwhile, for employees, they are able to easily access personal records, such as payslips, from any device as well as submit their claims electronically from their mobile devices. Although technologically advanced, we offer user-friendly user interface assures that makes navigation fast, and simple.

Our HRMS solution covers the entire spectrum of the HR function including the core HR process, such as payroll, leave, claims and attendance management. We also help organizations to strategize their employee growth and movement.

Core HR Functionalities

Payroll management

The process of administration of a company’s employee’s financial records.

Leave management

To control the absences due to urgency, illness, unplanned and etc.

Claims management

The process of identifying, controlling and resolving demands by individuals.

Time & Attendance Management

To track and monitor when employees start and stop work.

Human Capital Planning

Appraisals and Feedback

Manage appraisals and employee feedback easily.

Learning & Training

Set learning and training plans and track progress.


Recruit and on-board new staff more effectively.

Succession Planning

Employee development and succession planning in one platform.

Superior UI & UX

Digitize your HR processes and get up-to-date reports with a few simple clicks today.

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