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The Joget platform is designed to cater to different types of business application requirements for citizen developers using a visual drag-and-drop approach. With Joget, it is possible to visually build and deploy a complete workflow application without coding.

At the same time, it is very important to recognize that there is absolutely no way for any solution to immediately cater to every requirement out there, especially in a no-code manner. Correspondingly, Joget allows IT or tech-savvy power users to supplement apps with low-code.

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For even more complex requirements, Joget supports pro-code to extend the functionality of the platform via plugins. In this case, pro-code refers to the classic full-code programming that software engineers use to develop software.

The Joget platform is designed to be extensible with a dynamic plugin architecture that allows professional developers to build plugins that extend the platform as required

For example, app designers can add a little scripting or coding (e.g. JavaScript, CSS, BeanShell scripts, SQL queries) to customize certain behaviour or user experience when built-in functionality or configuration does not support a specific requirement.

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The Joget platform is designed to be extensible with a dynamic plugin architecture that allows professional developers to build plugins that extend the platform as required

Built – in Functionalities for Workflow Automation Versatility

Joget DX includes a new default Progressive theme for apps inspired by Google’s Material Design to promote beautiful design and good UX. The admin and app designer interface has also been enhanced for greater usability and intuitiveness.

Joget DX incorporates built-in application performance management (APM) features that automatically monitors system and application performance. The monitoring is done at runtime, and alerts can be configured for various metrics including errors, so that email notifications are sent when thresholds are exceeded.

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TensorFlow is the leading open source artificial intelligence (AI) library for machine learning. The AI focus in Joget DX is to simplify the integration of pre-trained AI models into end user applications. The bundled TensorFlow AI plugin provides a no-code approach to uploading and executing pre-trained TensorFlow models.


In addition to the core visual builders for forms, lists, UI and processes, Joget DX introduces support for pluggable Add-on Builders. This allows the platform to be extended with custom visual builders in future e.g. Report Builder for managing reports and API Builder for managing APIs for integration.

The Outcome

Decision making is one of the most important aspects in any business. As a part of process automation, Joget DX provides support for Decision plugins that can be mapped to process routes for decision making.

“Joget works for you as part of your RPA architecture or as a stand-alone process automation solution. Let us show you how Joget is the solution.”

Dominic GopalFounder of Hypernix

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Coding is a tricky language that requires a certified technician to understand and interpret. Be that as it may, coding is a significant element in a lot of features, such as website design, application development, and many more, which have an influence on how a business operates.

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Customising the Workflow Arrangement Seamlessly

Thankfully, citizen developers have the option to go with a low-code or no-code development platform. A low-code or no-code development platform is a type of visual software that enables businesses to literally use a drop-and-drag approach to create mobile or web pages, or even workflow management.  With our experience in RPA solutions Malaysia, our research and development team combined rapid application development, business process automation, and workflow management to produce a development software known as Joget. With our software, citizen developers have the option of using absolutely zero codes or supplementing them with low-codes to achieve their business needs and requirements. With RPA Malaysia, the low-code or no-code feature allows citizen developers to quickly build workflow management without going through the hassle of inserting codes line-by-line.

A Perfect Business Solutions for Efficiency

They also have the option to utilise pro-code via plugins if they are looking to implement slightly more complex plugins or features into their workflow arrangement. In fact, the Joget platform is also built with a module that enables developers to design plugins that are tailored to fit their requirements and needs. RPA Solutions Malaysia, or Joget, enables anyone who is not fluent in coding to build and test applications and to visualise workflow management easily. In doing so, it not only automates your business but also reduces the turnaround time for IT development. If our Joget software interests you or you would like to learn more about RPA Malaysia, then get in touch with our IT consultants today to learn more about our products.

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