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Tactically built with Artificial Intelligence to extract data from specific document types such as invoices, receipts, forms, and identity cards to name a few.

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Nanonets merges AI & Deep Learning

Optical character recognition technology for companies and individuals to able to automate the process of digitizing documents and enables easier manual data entry procedures, better logging and storage, lower errors and faster response times.

Here are a few ways Deep Learning makes Automation possible .

Automating Information Extraction

With machine learning, you don’t have to spend time going through images of several documents, reading information about customers, data about transactions, prices of products bought or sold, etc.

OCR allows us to automatically extract information in images and convert it to machine-readable text that can be put into the right structure.

Human-in-the-loop Information Review

Once the information is extracted, it can be reviewed by a user to make sure the information is captured and entered in the correct fields, etc.

This is almost a 90% reduction in time when compared to processes that require us to read the data and enter it into a software manually.

Improving Accuracy & Performance

Businesses are often faced with poor data entry practices by employees leading to inaccurate information stored.

This can be remedied with well trained iOCR models that can perform at least as well as humans but in a much shorter time. Continuous learning and integration will help the models get even better over time.

Nanonets can be deployed as a part of your enterprise's RPA solution or an as OCR workhorse to accurately digitize and document voluminous records. Contact us today to learn more.

OCR Receipt Data Extraction

OCR Receipt Data Extraction

Recognising Ingenious Excellence

Looking for some high-standard OCR receipt data extraction systems in Malaysia? Well, look no further! Hypernix is coming to save the day! Our strong partnerships with Nanonets and AWS Textract allow us to offer the latest solutions for your business. Countless supply chain companies around the country (and even beyond) have considerably profited from our high-quality products. When it comes to a reliable OCR invoice extraction structure, you are more than welcome to put your faith in our talented functional consultants to assist you every step of the way. We put in our utmost efforts for the sake of your own logistical development and progress without compromising anything at all. Here at Hypernix, your satisfaction is our number one mission.

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Simplify Processes

Optical character recognition, or OCR for short, is basically a mechanism intended to ease the process of turning extracted data from various formats into text that can be detected by machines. With OCR receipt data extraction, the process of entering essential data becomes much more convenient and faster to complete. It also contributes to (1) better service efficiency;(2) lower risk of human slip-up:(3)cheaper management cost; and (4)stronger data safety and stability. Much like other forms of automation, the implementation of OCR invoice extraction has been getting wider attention in recent years. Almost 80% of its market share in 2020 was dominated by business-to-business (B2B) corporations. Moving forward into the future, Grand View Research projected that by 2028, the global OCR market will gain an estimated $26.31 billion in revenue! Nowadays, as business-to-consumer (B2C) entities join in the trend as well, it won’t be too surprising to witness those figures keep on growing exponentially pretty soon. So, don’t you want to be a part of this exciting opportunity?

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