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Simplr Sales

"A comprehensive application to manage your sales force and network of distributors and retailers in real-time."

Simplr Smart Nodes

"Manage your distribution network effectively with real-time stock movement and inventory levels at each distribution point."

Supply Chain Solution at Your Fingertips

Simplr Warehouse

"Provides visibility, accessibility to warehouse activities and overall improve the efficiency of warehouse operations. Create a paperless warehouse today."

Mobile sales route planning
Immediate market intelligence feedback
Access updated sales / promotional information
Easily access product catalogues and pricing
On-the-spot order taking and invoicing
Stock Exchange and return management
Credit control function
Enable on-the-spot payment collection
Receiving in-coming goods
View inventory by location, pallet, lot number
Suggest put-away based on pre-define rules
Generate picking list based pre-determined picking strategy
Inter-co stock transfer
Kitting capability
Perform bulk-break for loose order items
Perform stock take accurately and effortlessly
View real-time inventory levels at distribution points
Manage targeted volume offers
Forecast demands based on trade volume
Manage markdowns and sell-through offers
Improve management of goods with shelf-life
Track cargo movement in real-time

Are these problems common in your daily operations?

It is time to ask us how Simplr can simplify SCM for you.

Supply Chain Solution Company


The manufacturing industry faces many challenges within the industry, such as changing demands, high-level competition, and ever-evolving customer service models. That is why manufacturing businesses continuously evolve and optimise their sourcing solutions to keep up their productivity and efficiency by working with a trusted supply chain solution company.

supply Chain Solution Company

Improve And Smoothen Distribution Process

By taking the varying constraints and challenges that many manufacturers experience today, especially during a pandemic, we have created an innovative supply chain solution that gives manufacturing businesses visibility, access to warehouse activities, and mobile-friendly sales route planning. We also included modules that provide manufacturers with an effective way to manage distribution networks with real-time stock movement and inventory levels at every distribution point, as well as to manage your sales force and network of retailers in real-time.

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Reach Your Customer Faster

Time is money in the manufacturing business. That is why we have designed our Simplr Supply Chain software keeping in mind one thing: to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution that is accessible at your fingertips. You will be able to gather market intelligence feedback quickly, access promotional information, update product catalogues and pricing, manage stock exchanges or return management thanks to our speciality of combining innovation and technology. With our Simplr Supply Chain software, issues such as failing to obtain current information, stock balances, or inefficient order processes will be a thing of the past. So, if you are in need of an experienced supply chain solution company to optimise your business, then let’s get together and chat.

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